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WellSteps: A Complete Wellness Solution

Sanga Wellness is the exclusive Partner of WellSteps – one of America’s best Corporate Wellness Programs and winners of the Everett Koop Health Awards.

WellSteps is the leading provider of evidence base Corporate Wellness Solutions! This wellness platform is licensed by Sanga Wellness to provide the best evidence base workplace wellness solution in South Africa.

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How to Make Wellness a Successful Business Strategy
Your wellness program becomes a successful business strategy when it improves employee health and reduces health care costs. This can only happen when you use a wellness program that has both reach and impact. It must reach and help every employee adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. WellSteps uses powerful incentives, marketing, and technology to encourage every employee to engage. Here is a brief description of the wellness programming that makes up the WellSteps Wellness Solution:

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
The WellSteps personal health assessment is simple, user intuitive, and captures several different behavioral and biometric risk factors.

Online Program Center
After your employees have registered, they will be directed to a personal wellness program center. Every wellness program activity will be directed by the program center.

Behavior Change Campaigns and Challenges
Successful wellness programs improve employee health and lower health risks by helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Employees get healthier when they participate in campaigns and challenges.

Personal Behavioural Change Campaigns
We offer more than 50 different behavioural change campaigns to employees to help them improve their behaviours. This include, physical, emotional, mental, health eating and other significant programs.

Fitness Device Integration
WellSteps My Tracker and other tools are integrated with several popular fitness devices. We synchronize with Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone devices.

Biometric Screening and Dashboard
WellSteps can accept file feeds and biometric information from physicians, third party vendors, and other third party sources. This data is then auto-integrated into the health assessment of users so they can review their results and track year over year progress.

Incentive and Activity Tracking with Rewards
WellSteps Rewards is a powerful wellness activity tracking solution for companies of any size. With Rewards, administration, tracking, and activity verification of wellness activities can go on auto-pilot. All employees will have access to Rewards where they can track progress towards wellness incentives.

Integrated Health Coaching
We included health coaching onto our wellness programming. Some employers want everyone to have a health coach, while others are more selective. Health coaching is most effective when it targets employees who are high-risk and ready to change behaviors.


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