Everything in us is moving. The heart pumps, blood flow, lungs expand and contract, eyes roll, eardrums vibrate. To be alive is to be moving. Inhibit the movement and you create illness. Stop movement and you are dead. Allow it fully and you realize wellness.

Because of this movement, everything is changing from moment to moment. To block movement therefore is to block change. The unmoving water becomes the stagnant pool. The moving river cleanses itself. The unmoving body becomes a home for infection and depression. The moving body freely channels the energy of life.

Close your eyes for a moment and create a mental picture of an unhealthy person. Your image may include a colourless and drooping face, an overweight body, possibly seated in a chair, or a tired form sluggishly climbing a flight of stairs, puffing at every step.

Now, imagine the opposite. See a person at the peak of health. Chances are you have pictured a pink-cheeked complexion, and a trim beautiful body in motion–running, or jumping with arms reaching out, or making love, or dancing. Dancing is a great metaphor for living–for being–in harmony, since the whole universe, the sum total of energy, moves as in a dance. The person dancing is the person at one with the universe. The person dancing is fully alive.

Without movement you have no dance, no work, and no play either. It’s that elementary. Movement changes both the inner world and the outer world. Moving encourages movement. The more you move, the better you move. In this section we explore how energy creates energy–in a continuous, circling process-a constant dance.